About Us

General practitioner Hameed

In the practice of doctor Farzana Hameed, providing total care for the patient is very important. The lines between the different care providers that contribute to this are kept as short as possible.

Three  GPs

In her practice, Dr. Hameed works together with Dr. P. Liem and Dr. W. vSante ann

Practice assistant

Because total patient care is central, a  practice assistant is also working in practice. Samantha supports general practitioners in patients with a chronic condition such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular risk management, and COPD.

Practice Assistant Activities:

  • guidance on giving up smoking
  • blood test
  • vascular examination (doppler)
  • Make ECG (heart video)
  • control of high blood pressure
  • diabetes counseling
  • guidance for lung diseases
  • lung function examination

Doctor’s Assistant (s)

In practice, 2 doctor’s assistants Nese and Sanne work. They do the first interview with you if you register as a patient at the practice. It is therefore also important that you pass on your complaint (s) to them so that they can properly inform the GPs about it.

Doctor’s duties:

  • injections
  • removing stitches
  • nitrogen treatment warts
  • measuring bloodpressure
  • urine test and pregnancy test
  • blood test
  • ear syringing
  • cervical smears
  • STD testing
  • wound care
  • administrative questions

The general practitioners, the practice assistant and the assistants have a medical confidentiality obligation .