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Alcohol was the leading risk factor for premature death and disability among people aged 15–49 years in 2016.

In response, Party4Health is fundraising 30K to send our Founder and a video team around the world to throw 100 sober parties in 100 days, creating a one-of-a-kind web series called Party Sober All Over.

The objective: inspire youth everywhere to party sober and live healthy,  social lifestyles.

On the destination list so far is the Great Wall of China, the Full Moon Beach Party in Thailand, a beach in San Francisco, Tiananmen square, a Buddhist monastery, the Tokyo Subway, and the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea… woah.

The point of all this? Challenging the status quo. Partying is not what you think is, and healthier than you imagine. Let’s do this!

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We are the future of partying: A group of event designers led by Jacques Martiquet setting out to create a more engaging, inclusive, and healthy party culture. We leverage partying to promote health and community. We are set on developing the formula for the healthiest party on Earth.

Applying advanced party science, Party4Health is a Vancouver-based group on a mission to create Earth’s most engaging, inclusive, healthy party experiences.  The fuel for these parties? Good people and heart-pumpin’ beats, as opposed to substances. Known for their Hike Raves, Bike Raves, and Morning Beach Parties, Party4Health leverages partying as a force for good: promoting social inclusion and social literacy, spreading fun and positivity, educating youth about healthy lifestyles, and boosting mental and physical health.

The Party4Health guarantee: You’ll feel better the next day than if you had not partied!

Why we exist?

Embodied in partying is a tremendous opportunity for undermining division, spreading positive mental health, building lasting professional and personal relationships, encouraging physical activity, and promoting community and team development.

In North America, this opportunity is tarnished by toxic social norms. Conventional entertainment, party, and nightlife events often encourage “drunkenness” and are associated with negative health effects by design. These include drug use, hearing loss, motor vehicle accidents, violence, sexual violence, sense of humiliation, crime, and illness.

The especially sad truth is that substance use forms the underlying social lubricant for these events.

From a broader viewpoint, modern recreation has taken a turn for the worse; screens are replacing other human beings; engagement with the world is becoming more and more passive; and apathy and inactivity are being spread. You witness this on public transit, in nightclubs, and at music festivals. We are losing our ability to engage in genuine, euphoric human connection.

​Our Mission: Redefine partying as a healthy, positive force in our global communities.

We have done our research: regular socialization (1) and naturally-derived euphoria (2) is healthy, increasing our well-being and decreasing our negative emotions.

Read more about our Vision.


Why Party for Health?

You should consider partying for health with us. Here’s why.

Interpersonal skills: Develop the necessary verbal and nonverbal communication skills to network, build relationships, and relate with others.

Money: Save cash by avoiding the bar or expensive tickets to your favourite nightclub. There is no need to purchase a luxurious bottle to impress others when you are partying for health. Status is achieved by fostering social inclusion, not by spending money.

Self-esteem: Being your authentic self (as if no one was watching) in a social environment is not easy. Immersing yourself in a positive environment, where there are no winners or losers, where there is no judgement, where you are encouraged as opposed to dismissed, and where the goal is to have fun together, is a safe strategy to learn about why you are unique.

Feel good: Partying for health elicits positive emotions. Our ingenious and novel activities, synced to upbeat music, stimulate the brain to feel natural euphoria. Best part is, you will feel good the next day too.

Get moving: Getting active benefits your body and makes you feel good. Plus, you don’t notice you are exercising because the party is distracting you.

Our Party Values

Active Engagement: We are in the here and now.

We actively engage and participate in our surroundings, as opposed to absentmindedly. We are creative and playful in our interactions. We take a role of making the party happen, as opposed to waiting for it happen. We use our phones only as a tool to capture euphoric memories.

Natural Euphoria: We get high off of the music, the people around us, and dancing!

We momentarily forget about our job title, our to do’s, our sources of stress, and our sense of self-criticism. We immerse ourselves in the euphoria of human connection!

Community: Everyone is a host, and it’s a collective effort to have the best night of our lives.

We invite people to join, instead of judging or excluding people. We welcome everyone, accept everyone, and support everyone in being their true selves, whatever that might be. There’s no such thing as embarrassment here.

Respect: We behave with an awareness of others and their boundaries.

We, as participants, exercise self-restraint, courtesy, and consent. Although our events are wild, we follow rules, laws, and common courtesies when interacting with the environment and each other.

Personal Growth: We grow together by partying together.

We leverage our party experiences to become better people, in our relationships and in our society. We lift people up from their mistakes, because mistakes are normal.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: We are grateful to party here.

We respect the community in which we party. Police are our utmost ally. We acknowledge our parties take place on the unceded territory of the indigenous Coast Salish.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit? – THERE CERTAINLY IS NOT. We actively include everyone in our events. We believe partying is best when it is inter-generational. Our events revolve around connection and natural euphoria, NOT substances and hook-ups.

Should I predrink? – No. Everyone at our events are sober. If you are not feeling it, just watch. You will still have a great time, and eventually you will start dancing.

Do I need a ticket? – YES. Tickets are free, for the time being. They can be purchased from our ticketing site, on Picatic, accessible through our Facebook event pages. Eventually, we will have attendees purchase a membership by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

How much does it cost? – Our events are free for the time being. You can donate to our cause, the cause of partying for health, by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

How do I party for health? – Read and abide by our event values.

Am I allowed to do drugs at your event? – No. Although we acknowledge that there are healthy ways to do drugs (including alcohol), we do not permit drugs at our events. Trust us. Our guarantee is that you will feel connected and naturally high. Plus, drugs are illegal in public, can cause problems with the police, and can also make other attendees feel uncomfortable.

Why are your events even alcohol-free? – Our participants have the right to not be around drunk people. Party culture is plagued by common 2nd-hand alcohol effects, which we seek to eliminate: violence, sexual assault, humiliation, disrespect, and personal injury. We believe partying is more fun, safe, and inclusive without the booze. You can’t party sober? Let us tell you: It’s a skill. Eventually, you will get there if you watch.

I am in recovery, is this right for me? – Yes. Our events have minimal alcohol or drug presence. There is no peer pressure at our events and we encourage sobriety. Come party with us!

If I choose to drink, what will you do? – If you do this in a discreet manner, we will not do anything. If you jeopardize your safety or the safety of others, we will ask you to leave. In the case that there is police presence, we will also point them in your direction.


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