What Participants Say

We were a group of 3 families with children ranging in ages from 3 – 14, and we had a blast! My daughter struggles with anxiety and is usually VERY shy and reserved but this event gave her a space where she felt safe enough to dance her heart out for HOURS! We had to practically drag her home. Thank you so much for hosting these Amazing events and promoting a healthier, safer way to party for all ages!!

Nicki Lewis – Artist, Mother, Creater and Owner of The Wizards Makery

My Party Bar is set pretty high and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Undie Run. But the Party4Health host’s (Jacques) next-level charisma and craziness really took it to the next level for everyone involved.

Partying for me usually involves at least a few drinks, but Jacques requested that I try remaining 100% sober for this one and I’m glad I did. The Party alone was good enough to get me where I needed to be

Gary Lachance – Founder of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party 

Our Event Values

Active Engagement: We are in the here and now. Our experiences encourage participants to actively socialize and engage in their surroundings, as opposed to absentmindedly.  Phones are only necessary at our parties to capture euphoric memories.

Natural Euphoria: We get high on life. Our events make people momentarily forget about their job title, their to do’s, their sources of stress, and their sense of self-criticism, while rediscovering the euphoria of human connection.

Nonjudgement: We encourage active inclusion and disinhibition. Our events are public, inclusive, and all-ages. Everyone is welcome, everyone is accepted and everyone is welcome to express their self. At our events, participants are ambassadors of active inclusion.

Courtesy: We behave respectfully and mindfully. Our events operate within the bounds of civility and the law. Our participants exercise self-restraint and refinement. Although our events are wild, we follow rules and common courtesies when interacting with the environment and each other.

Leave No Trace: We are grateful to party here. The environment we are privileged to play in is sacred. We leave nothing behind, aside from a positive reputation with the surrounding residents.

What is healthy partying?

Wellness has five parts: Spiritual, Social, Physical, Financial, and Community.

Healthy partying boosts your social, physical, community, and spiritual well-being. Here’s how:

Social: This is sourced from your social connections and closest relationships. Partying healthy means nurturing these relationships and creating new ones in an inclusive, nonjudgmental environment.

Physical: Sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and mental health underpin physical well being. Healthy partying encourages physical activity through dance and exploration, and positive mental health through stress reduction and stimulation of positive emotions. The most important feature here is that healthy partying does not necessitate the use of drugs or alcohol to enjoy or lose oneself in the moment. All the chemicals you need to get high on your own livelihood (endorphins) are already present!

Community: Your community well being is least under your control, as it is determined by the social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions of your community. Healthy partying is a powerful force that can shift social and political norms by bringing people together in the moment. It’s about cultivating diversity in a social environment.

Spiritual: While most people seek out external sources of euphoria and contentment, (through buying luxuries, pursuing fame, or getting rich) people who party healthy learn how to tap into their inner genuine selves to find a sense of wholeness, harmony, and bliss. Partying healthy is one of the means, along with meditation, to discover an internal source of validation and happiness.

Financial: Healthy partying is healthy for your bank account. Substances are expensive. Nightclubs are profit-hungry. Exclusive dress codes are meant for people with money. In contrast, our parties are free and impact-driven!


Health and Fun must be reconciled.

Conventional entertainment, party and nightlife events often times praise “drunkenness” and encourage unhealthy behaviours by design. These include physical inactivity, drug use, hearing loss, motor vehicle accidents, violence, sexual violence, humiliation, crime, and illness.

From a broader viewpoint, modern recreation has taken a turn for the worse; screens are replacing other human beings; engagement with the world is becoming more and more passive; and apathy and inactivity are being spread. You witness this on public transit, in nightclubs, and at music festivals.

Party4Health is an institution spreading healthy party culture by hosting unprecedented events and festivities. We host immersive public events and youth programming that catalyze stress-shattering natural euphoria (positive emotional stimulation), ego dissolution, and connection. We harness the emotional excitement of partying to increase health awareness and to build capacity for healthy fun. No longer does partying need to be a negative force in our lives!

​Our Mission: Spread healthy party culture across the nation.

Research suggests that regular socialization (1) and naturally-derived euphoria (2) is healthy, increasing our well-being and decreasing our negative emotions. However, when these positives are accompanied by the negatives of traditional partying, the benefits of partying are obliterated.

Our events capitalize on dance, laughter, inclusiveness, physical activity, and exploration to create naturally-euphoric experiences, which form high-lit memories.

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