Event Experiences

Bike Rave | at UBC

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Hosted on the beautiful cycling paradise of UBC, we are cranking the volume and invading the campus! Please read the following important information!

MEETING LOCATION: UBC Bookstore, 6200 University Blvd. We depart at 9:00PM

WEATHER: Light rain is in the forecast! We have adapted our route so that we party mostly undercover. Expect puddle parties and splashes of fun. Dress appropriately and bike extra cautiously due to slippery surfaces.

Dress Code: Think neon, funky, and silly. I’ll be wearing a Banana suit, with neon leggings!

Bring Your Own Speaker: We are broadcasting a live FM signal. This means that you can bring any FM-Radio device and play our music.

Safety: To prevent any collisions or emergency visits, please abide by the following rules.

  1. Bike slowly. It’s a rave, not a race.
  2. Look where you’re going. Stop snapchatting.

Theft: The UBC Campus is known for Bike Theft. Although no theft has occurred for the last five Bike Raves, be advised that you are responsible for your bike.

Fuel for the evening: We have Yerba Mate and CLIF Bar to fuel our cycling!

Winners of the MonkeyLectric Contest will be announced at the event.


In the midst of a society that fails to teach us how to be happy, Party4Health is here to show us the positive health effects of partying (social inclusion, physical activity, community involvement, and positive emotional stimulation) without the burden that alcohol and drugs places on our health and our society. Whether you’ve been to one of our events or not, you can donate to our cause by joining our Patreon Family.

Party Values: Why do people love our events? Because of our Party Values! Help us create an engaging, inclusive, and memorable experience by upholding our party values at the event.
Active Engagement: We are in the here and now, engaging in every ‘party moment’.
Natural Euphoria: We get high off each other, not off alcohol or drugs.
Inclusion: We invite people to join and encourage connection, instead of judging.
Respect: We are mindful. We pay attention to others’ boundaries.
Leave No Trace: We respect the community in which we party.

Arriving Late? Here is our ROUTE MAP: Add 1 HOUR to all times.



Morning Rave

Where coffee, fruit, and dancing replace the drugs at a conventional rave. Set your alarm clocks for this one, and don’t forget your party sunglasses. Beware, lasers. Next one is in Summer 2018.