Frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit? – THERE CERTAINLY IS NOT. We actively include everyone in our events. We believe partying is best when it is inter-generational. Our events revolve around connection and natural euphoria, NOT substances and hook-ups.

Should I predrink? – No. Everyone at our events are sober. If you are not feeling it, just watch. You will still have a great time, and eventually you will start dancing.

Do I need a ticket? – YES. Tickets are free, for the time being. They can be purchased from our ticketing site, on Picatic, accessible through our Facebook event pages. Eventually, we will have attendees purchase a membership by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

How much does it cost? – Our events are free for the time being. You can donate to our cause, the cause of partying for health, by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

How do I party for health? – Read and abide by our event values.

Am I allowed to do drugs at your event? – No. Although we acknowledge that there are healthy ways to do drugs (including alcohol), we do not permit drugs at our events. Trust us. Our guarantee is that you will feel connected and naturally high. Plus, drugs are illegal in public, can cause problems with the police, and can also make other attendees feel uncomfortable.

Why are your events even alcohol-free? – Our participants have the right to not be around drunk people. Party culture is plagued by common 2nd-hand alcohol effects, which we seek to eliminate: violence, sexual assault, humiliation, disrespect, and personal injury. We believe partying is more fun, safe, and inclusive without the booze. You can’t party sober? Let us tell you: It’s a skill. Eventually, you will get there if you watch.

I am in recovery, is this right for me? – Yes. Our events have minimal alcohol or drug presence. There is no peer pressure at our events and we encourage sobriety. Come party with us!

If I choose to drink, what will you do? – If you do this in a discreet manner, we will not do anything. If you jeopardize your safety or the safety of others, we will ask you to leave. In the case that there is police presence, we will also point them in your direction.