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We know how to energize a crowd, bond a team, and create high-lit memories. With over 20 events thrown and 1500 happy participants, it is no overestimation that our event experience gets people high on life, without any need for alcohol. Are you ready to take your social event to the next level?

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An event without a host is like a ship without a captain.  When we take the mic, we create an engaging, safe, and interactive dance floor. Our activities are diverse, inclusive, novel. We guarantee a memorable social experience, with nobody left out. Too often, DJ’s just play music. We use music to encourage play.


We will help you improve your guest experience. Whether the problem is that alcohol is the central attraction at your event, or your guests are suffering extreme boredom, we can co-create a plan to make your event the best one yet.


We are experts in planning innovative social experiences. These include Hike Raves, Bike Raves, Yoga Raves, Silent Disco’s, and Dance Parties. Let us do the work for you. Our priority is health and safety.

Education and Public Speaking:

From workshops on natural euphoria to presentations about Partying for Health, Jacques is a capable, experienced youth facilitator and public-speaker.