Event hosting, organization, and consultation services are available from our party specialists.

Start a party

Event-consultation: Looking to make your event more rowdy, healthy, and memorable? We are certified party specialists. Talk to us and we can co-create a plan to make your event the best one yet.

Event-hosting: Whether to bond a team of coworkers or to celebrate someone’s birthday, partying healthy is a great option. You give us the guidelines, and we will deliver an amazing event with accompanying euphoric, vivid memories.

Event-organization: This is our public service. We host free public programming that invites all ages and demographics to experience natural euphoria through partying.

Youth Engagement: We would like to collaborate with post-secondary and secondary school organizations to normalize healthy partying, conduct drug education, and foster natural euphoria in youth demographics. We want to create the first Center for Excellence in Partying intended to break patterns of unhealthy party culture in the early stages of our lives.