What the Community Says

Incredible night, thank you!!! There was so many interesting elements to our route, the music, the group dancing, the trampoline, and even loving the rain 😀 What a way to be together

Wes Alcock – UBC Computer Science Student 

My Party Bar is set pretty high and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from the Undie Run. But the Party4Health host’s (Jacques) next-level charisma and craziness really took it to the next level for everyone involved.

Partying for me usually involves at least a few drinks, but Jacques requested that I try remaining 100% sober for this one and I’m glad I did. The Party alone was good enough to get me where I needed to be

Gary Lachance – Founder of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party 

We were a group of 3 families with children ranging in ages from 3 – 14, and we had a blast! My daughter struggles with anxiety and is usually VERY shy and reserved but this event gave her a space where she felt safe enough to dance her heart out for HOURS! We had to practically drag her home. Thank you so much for hosting these Amazing events and promoting a healthier, safer way to party for all ages!!

Nicki Lewis – Artist, Mother, Creater and Owner of The Wizards Makery

I am proud to support the concept of Party4Health. The premise of the organization is to encourage youth to enjoy social interactions with music without the need for drugs and alcohol. This concept is particularly relevant against the background of the opioid crisis which has hit the lower mainland and province.

Recent deaths of young people using popular rave drugs contaminated with opioid analogues emphasizes the need to enjoy dancing without the risk of respiratory arrest and death. The benefits of dancing and social interaction without the use of artificial stimulants have enormous positive health implications.

In a sense, Party4Health represents the ultimate Harm Reduction maneuver available to the public health community and should be supported to the fullest extent.

Paul Martiquet – Medical Health Officer 1995 – 2017, Vancouver Coastal Health 

Thanks to the organizers and all the chill, respectful riders ~ last night was a blast!!! I’ve been to a tonne of raves over the past couple decades, and the ninja-outdoor-flash-mob nature of this one ranked it SUPER HIGH on the list of faves… well done!!!

Jenn Redd – Actor / Graphic Designer / Small Business Owner 

As an emergency physician at various Vancouver hospitals, I witness and respond to the darkest effects of street drugs: overdoses, addiction, and despair. Unless treated early, the personal health damages are usually irreversible.

Party4Health helps by intervening early at a root of substance abuse: casual drug use in youth demographics. Party4Health events can offer youth a healthy alternative that breaks those early patterns of substance abuse. Party4Health is definitely a positive initiative to normalize participation in fun social activities (without the need for substances).

As long-time student and busy physician, my schedule is hectic and demanding. Socializing, sports, music, and dancing, are some of the ways that I can recharge and reduce stress. Party4Health is about taking partying and incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle. More youth and adults need to learn about Party4Health, and have the resolve to party in healthy ways.

Kevin Wishlow – Emergency Physician, MD 

For people who couldn’t make it, I’d like to share my experience. One word; Amazing!

It was the most amazing experience I had so far, and the best part is; it was a sober party. I love drinking, but now, I love sober partying more… 🙂

Özgür Pekçağlıyan – Developer and Computer Engineer, Amazon.ca 

I am a professor at the University of British Columbia and public health physician who works in the field of harm reduction. The ongoing opioid overdose crisis has led to an unprecedented number of illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected in more than three quarters of deaths in 2017. Those who consume recreational drugs may be unaware of the content and how dangerous illegal drugs can be.

Peer influences and normalization of substance use (drugs and alcohol) in party culture can pressure youth to take substances when they have little desire to do so. Party4Health normalizes healthy behaviors such as dancing and socialization in the absence of substance use by designing events that promote healthy party culture and natural euphoria. Party4Health markets healthy partying as the new cool, and gives youth an alternative, safe and fun environment in which to socialise. I have worked with Jacques personally and support his team fully. I wish them success in their endeavours.

Jane Buxton – MBBS, MHSc, FRCPC