Party Sober All Over is underway

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Alcohol was the leading risk factor for premature death and disability among people aged 15–49 years in 2016.

In response, Party4Health is fundraising 30K to send our Founder and a video team around the world to throw 100 sober parties in 100 days, creating a one-of-a-kind web series called Party Sober All Over.

The objective: inspire youth everywhere to party sober and live healthy,  social lifestyles.

On the destination list so far is the Great Wall of China, the Full Moon Beach Party in Thailand, a beach in San Francisco, Tiananmen square, a Buddhist monastery, the Tokyo Subway, and the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea… woah.

The point of all this? Challenging the status quo. Partying is not what you think is, and healthier than you imagine. Let’s do this!

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