Partying and Well-being

Your Well-being has five parts: Spiritual, Social, Physical, Financial, and Community.

Partying for health boosts your social, physical, community, and spiritual well-being.

Social: This is sourced from your social connections and closest relationships. Partying for health means nurturing these relationships and creating new ones in an inclusive, nonjudgmental environment.

Physical: Sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and mental health underpin physical well being. Partying for health encourages physical activity through dance and exploration, and positive mental health through stress reduction and stimulation of positive emotions. The most important feature here is that partying for health does not necessitate the use of drugs or alcohol to enjoy or lose oneself in the moment. All the chemicals you need to get high on your own livelihood (endorphins) are already present!

Community: Your community well being is least under your control, as it is determined by the social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions of your community. Partying for health is a powerful force that can shift social and political norms by bringing people together in the moment. It’s about cultivating diversity in a social environment.

Spiritual: While most people seek out external sources of euphoria and contentment, (through buying luxuries, pursuing fame, or getting rich) people who party for health learn how to tap into their inner genuine selves to find a sense of wholeness, harmony, and bliss. Partying for health is one of the means, along with meditation, to discover an internal source of validation and happiness.

Financial: Healthy partying is healthy for your bank account. Substances are expensive. Nightclubs are profit-hungry. Exclusive dress codes are meant for people with money. In contrast, our parties are free and impact-driven!