Jane Buxton – MBBS, MHSc, FRCPC 

I am a professor at the University of British Columbia and public health physician who works in the field of harm reduction. The ongoing opioid overdose crisis has led to an unprecedented number of illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected in more than three quarters of deaths in 2017. Those who consume recreational drugs may be unaware of the content and how dangerous illegal drugs can be.

Peer influences and normalization of substance use (drugs and alcohol) in party culture can pressure youth to take substances when they have little desire to do so. Party4Health normalizes healthy behaviors such as dancing and socialization in the absence of substance use by designing events that promote healthy party culture and natural euphoria. Party4Health markets healthy partying as the new cool, and gives youth an alternative, safe and fun environment in which to socialise. I have worked with Jacques personally and support his team fully. I wish them success in their endeavours.