Kevin Wishlow – Emergency Physician, MD 

As an emergency physician at various Vancouver hospitals, I witness and respond to the darkest effects of street drugs: overdoses, addiction, and despair. Unless treated early, the personal health damages are usually irreversible.

Party4Health helps by intervening early at a root of substance abuse: casual drug use in youth demographics. Party4Health events can offer youth a healthy alternative that breaks those early patterns of substance abuse. Party4Health is definitely a positive initiative to normalize participation in fun social activities (without the need for substances).

As long-time student and busy physician, my schedule is hectic and demanding. Socializing, sports, music, and dancing, are some of the ways that I can recharge and reduce stress. Party4Health is about taking partying and incorporating it into a healthy lifestyle. More youth and adults need to learn about Party4Health, and have the resolve to party in healthy ways.