Why Party for Health?

You should consider partying for health with us. Here’s why.

Interpersonal skills: Develop the necessary verbal and nonverbal communication skills to network, build relationships, and relate with others.

Money: Save cash by avoiding the bar or expensive tickets to your favourite nightclub. There is no need to purchase a luxurious bottle to impress others when you are partying for health. Status is achieved by fostering social inclusion, not by spending money.

Self-esteem: Being your authentic self (as if no one was watching) in a social environment is not easy. Immersing yourself in a positive environment, where there are no winners or losers, where there is no judgement, where you are encouraged as opposed to dismissed, and where the goal is to have fun together, is a safe strategy to learn about why you are unique.

Feel good: Partying for health elicits positive emotions. Our ingenious and novel activities, synced to upbeat music, stimulate the brain to feel natural euphoria. Best part is, you will feel good the next day too.

Get moving: Getting active benefits your body and makes you feel good. Plus, you don’t notice you are exercising because the party is distracting you.